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Ohio Bulletfest Videos
Fun time had by all!!!

M-16 in 7.62x39  - 2mb

Explosion - 4 .50 BMG Barrett's fired at propane tanks - 3mb

.50 BMG Barrett - 2.1mb

.50 Barrett fired by a small woman - 3.1mb

Chief Thunder shooting his Bulgarian PKM - 2.5mb

Chief again on the PKM - 3.2mb

Dave shooting Polish AKM full auto - 5.7mb

Dave - Polish AKM - 2.5mb

Dave - Polish AKM - 1.3mb
Really, I could'nt get enough of the thing

Mitch - Polish AKM - 1.7mb

Campybob shooting the Bulgarian RPK - 4.4mb

Dave - RPK - 2mb

Nate bumping his Maadi semi-auto - 2.7mb
Nate is really good at this

Mitch doing the bump - 3.8mb

Dave bumping - 2.4mb

Mickey Mouse on the M-60 - 5.7mb

Full Auto Uzi - 4.6mb

Couple guys I don't remember their names on the RPK - 7.1mb

The firing line - 7.3mb


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