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Second Amendment to the United States Constitution:
A well-regulated Militia, being necessary
to the security of a free State,

the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

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This is the main "Evil Rifle" page.   Below are a few of my completely legal semi automatic military style rifles.
These guns are evil according to liberal commie type folks so I buy them just to piss those types off.  I also just
love to shoot, which is really the only reason I ever needed to purchase a firearm of any type.

Click on the links in the descriptions for a slightly larger image

AR15 Scoped.jpg (49457 bytes)
Colt AR-15 MT6731 w/ATN 5X33L scope and ARMS mount and rings

AR15 Preban.jpg (37446 bytes)
Colt AR-15 Pre-ban 20" HBAR

AR15 x 2.jpg (57031 bytes)
The two Colts posing together

AK-47 Bulgarian Blond.jpg (46858 bytes)
Bulgarian AK-47 w/blond wood

SAR1Kobra.jpg (47601 bytes)
Romanian(SAR1) AK-47 with Russian collimator sight

SAR2Kobra.jpg (47087 bytes)
Romanian(SAR2) AK-74 with Russian collimator sight

SAR1x2.jpg (64496 bytes)
Romanian(SAR1's) AK-47

SAR2x.jpg (58641 bytes)
Romanian(SAR2's) AK-74

SARPSOV.jpg (41601 bytes)
SAR1 with PSO1 "V" 4X24

Chinese-SKS.jpg (38909 bytes)
Chinese SKS

stglayered.jpg (77251 bytes)

FAL STG-58.jpg (32403 bytes)
FN/FAL Austrian STG-58

FAL STG-58x2.jpg (49988 bytes)
FN/FAL Austrian STG-58's

PolishPMKx2.jpg (59642 bytes)
Polish PMK's

















All of the semi-auto rifles shown here are in legal configurations.